Large-Scale Landmark Recognition: A Challenge


This workshop fosters research on image retrieval and landmark recognition by introducing a novel large-scale dataset, together with evaluation protocols. More details of the challange and the dataset can be found here

Recognition Challenge

Label famous (and not-so-famous) landmarks in image.

Retrieval Challenge

Given an image, can you find all of the same landmarks in a dataset?

Workshop Schedule

Challenge Begins

Challenge is held on Kaggle

Feb. 2 2018

Challenge Deadline

Results will be released

May 22 2018


Held with CVPR’18

Jun. 2018

Invited Speakers

Herve Jegou

Herve Jegou is a Research Lead with Facebook AI Research.

Josef Sivic

Josef Sivic is a senior researcher at Inria and a principal investigator at Czech Technical University in Prague.


Bohyung Han

Associate Professor, Seoul National University (Primary Contact)

Andre Araujo

Software Engineer, Google (Primary Contact)

Shih-Fu Chang

Professor, Columbia University

Ondrej Chum

Associate Professor, Czech Technical University

Torsten Sattler

Senior Researcher, ETH

Jack Sim

Software Engineer, Google

Giorgos Tolias

Postdoc, Czech Technical University

Tobias Weyand

Software Engineer, Google

Xu Zhang

Postdoc, Columbia University

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